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Greetings from the Office of Federal Programs!  It is our goal to assure federal funds are used to promote educational excellence for all students, build capacity among teachers, principals, and support staff, and to recruit and retain highly qualified educators.  The Office of Federal Programs works collaboratively with the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to ensure the academic needs of students are being met.  As we venture through the 2023-2024 school term, it is our aim to assure a quality educational experience for all students.

-Jason Hamilton, Director of Federal Programs


Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Federal Programs is to provide support to the Wilkinson Co. School District in improving the academic success of students and in enhancing the professional growth of the staff.



The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides funding to state educational agencies to meet the academic needs of eligible students residing within the state. The Mississippi Department of Education is the recipient of most ESEA funds allocated to the State. The WCSD is a sub-recipient of three grants funded through ESEA--Title I, Title II and Title VI. These funds are managed through the Office of Federal Programs.


The Office of Federal Programs primary responsibilities are to:
- Serve as liaison between the district and the Mississippi Department of Education,

- Assist the district and schools with interpreting and carrying forth provisions of federal regulations,

- Monitor procedures utilized in conducting annual needs assessments and planning and implementing programs designed for school improvement,

- Provide assistance in developing and implementing the school’s federal programs, and

- Provide guidance in fiscal management.


Title I

Title I is the largest federal funding source to local educational agencies under ESEA. It is designed to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic standards and state academic assessments. The Title I mission is to ensure that each child successfully meets or exceeds Mississippi's proficient and advanced levels of student performance and meets or exceeds expectations on local, state, and national assessments.

Title I funds in WCSD provide:
    - Paraprofessionals/Intervention Assistants
    - Opportunities for professional development for school staff
    - Classroom materials and programs
      - Supplement all programs for English Language Learners

Title II

Title II funds are used to increase the academic achievement of students by improving the quality of the overall educational staff by providing districtwide, school-based and individual professional development.

Title II funds in WCSD provide:

    - Professional development for staff
    - Instructional Leadership coaches
    - Materials for professional development

Title IV

The Title IV provides financial assistance to rural districts to assist them in meeting their state's definition of annual measurable objectives. Under the RLIS program, the US Department of Education awards funds by formula to SEAs, which in turn make sub-grants to LEAs.

Title IV funds in WCSD are used to provide:

    - Dual Enrollment Course for Juniors/Seniors 
    - Supplemental classroom materials and programs
    - Opportunities to update classroom technology through the purchase of computers, iPads, and Smartboards


Title IV

The Title V is designed to address the unique needs of small, rural local education agencies (LEAs) that frequently lack the personnel and resources needed to compete effectively for Federal competitive grants and receive formula grant allocations under other programs in amounts too small to be effective in meeting their intended purposes.


Title V funds in WCSD are used to provide:

~during the day tutoring for all students

~additional professional development for faculty/staff




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Mr. Jason Hamilton
Federal Programs Director
Sarah Stanwood
Federal Programs Assistant/Homeless Liaison
LaReginald Jones
Title I Resource Clerk